Balls Of Nothing ?

The idea is so simple… indeed dates back near the origin of technology. Water can provide a force, we can use with ingenuity as anti-gravity. It’s just sailing, and the atmosphere can play the sea role, indeed practical aeronautics started with Montgolfier.

Today. We have carbon fibers, a well suited material to build stiff and light spherical skeletons, and we can wrap them with lightweight material – like paper – providing a pressurized container of … nothing, or better, a constant anti-gravitational force. Maybe, if we put the appropriate engineering tools at work, we’ll find a reasonable compromise between skeleton and surface strengths and weights. We can get up to 1 Kg of payload/mt3 (cubic meter) at sea level, pulling out the atmosphere at once from the BON with a pump.

From the elementary properties of a sphere, we have this table that shows that already 4 BON of 2 m of radius should provide a constant force sufficient to make a person floating in the air.

radius (m)volume (m3)surface (m2)vol/surf (m)

Now let’s build some BON (how many and how big unspecified by now), and connect them with a (potentially configurable) harnessing.

Once connected N*M BONs in a patch being itself a sail we’ll get 3D ships, navigating the sky…

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