Hello world!

Welcome to a sample of CapelliC ideas.

Usually, my ecology related ideas target reducing CO2 emissions (RCO2), on planetary scale at the end, but starting from personal experience (are you experienced ?).

  1. Plainertia: social engineering for a greener world, or teaching people to use inertia for personal mobility, instead of fighting it. Targets RCO2.
  2. BON (Balls Of Nothing): how to put Archimedes’ principle at work with modern materials. Do you know ships, do you ? What about 3D ships ? Welcome to the exciting world of visionary material engineering. Targets anti-gravity, and happiness as well as RCO2.
  3. RBB (Ride By Blow): how to ride a different way, today. Another proposal to implement electrical mobility, different than what is currently proposed ? So I think. Targets personal pleasure on two wheels, and RCO2 as well.

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