Balls Of Nothing ? The idea is so simple… indeed dates back near the origin of technology. Water can provide a force, we can use with ingenuity as anti-gravity. It’s just sailing, and the atmosphere can play the sea role, indeed practical aeronautics started with Montgolfier. Today. We have carbon fibers, a well suited material […]


Players: you, as a car driver and social network actor. Playfield: your daily mobility. Prize: the glory ! Demonstrate your environmental consciousness, and practical mindset, minimizing the time you need the engine running, given your realistic journey. Fundamental step: evaluate as precise as possible how much of the time you spend moving in your car […]

Hello world!

Welcome to a sample of CapelliC ideas. Usually, my ecology related ideas target reducing CO2 emissions (RCO2), on planetary scale at the end, but starting from personal experience (are you experienced ?). Plainertia: social engineering for a greener world, or teaching people to use inertia for personal mobility, instead of fighting it. Targets RCO2. BON […]